Kybella – The Only Injectable Treatment for Double Chin/Neck Fat

Kybella is the first and only injectable product for treatment of submental fullness (double chin/neck fat). Kybella works by gently reducing your body’s excess fat in the chin and neck area, allowing us to create a more desirable contour. Most patients can expect an improved chin and neck profile in two or three treatment sessions spaced about four to five weeks apart.

The consultation

Your Kybella consultation with Dr. Mehta will last approximately 30 minutes. Dr. Mehta will begin the conversation by asking you about your concerns and what improvements you would like to achieve. Dr. Mehta will then obtain a careful history, including medical conditions that may affect your ability to undergo and recover from the procedure. This discussion is followed by a thorough examination of your face and neck. Following the examination, Dr. Mehta will photograph your face from several angles. After your consultation, if you are felt to be a good candidate, you will have the option to begin treatment that day or schedule a future appointment with Kelli, our Scheduling Coordinator.


On the day of the treatment, you will arrive at the office just as you would for any other treatment. Katelyn, our nurse, will clean the area to be treated and apply topical numbing cream and ice to ease discomfort associated with receiving injections. Soon after, Dr. Mehta will map out the treatment zone and use injectable lidocaine to ensure the most comfortable patient experience.

The chin and neck region with be marked with a skin marking pen to ensure a uniform treatment of the entire problem area. This will be followed by a series of Kybella injections with a tiny needle, only lasting a few minutes. The product begins to work immediately by destroying a percentage of the local fat cells, getting you one step closer to your ideal chin profile. Patients may experience some stinging or burning during the first few minutes as the product begins to work.


Patients can expect to see some results from the first session at approximately 5 weeks. Typically, there is significant swelling for the first two or three days, but this diminishes to mild swelling for approximately two or three weeks. The most common side effects are swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, redness and areas of hardness in the treatment area. We recommend receiving the treatment on a Friday, and you should be able to go back to work by Monday!


Kybella injections under the chin are an excellent option to achieve a cleaner and more well-defined neckline. The procedure has a brief recovery period with minimal discomfort.


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