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Dr. Mehta and our skin care nurses, Katelyn and Angela, utilize a multitude of different laser treatments to improve the appearance of the skin. These procedures work extremely well independently but they also yield exceptional results as adjunct treatment with facial cosmetic surgery. We are pleased to offer laser hair removal, intense pulsed light (IPL) photofacials, leg and facial vein treatment, and laser skin rejuvenation.

The decision regarding the type of skin treatment used and the depth of treatment is based on an extensive discussion of your medical history, current medications, skin-care regimen, sun habits and skin type.

At Mehta Plastic Surgery, our philosophy is to make all of our office-based treatments as comfortable and painless as possible through the use of the latest in cooling devices and topical numbing cream. Our caring staff will tend to your every need, making your experience a pleasant one.

Prior to your treatment session, you will have a consultation in which Dr. Mehta will review all of your skin-related concerns and determine the appropriate nonsurgical or surgical treatment options to achieve your goals. A detailed medical history and examination of your skin follow. In particular it is critical to let Dr. Mehta know if you have had any of the following issues, so that the appropriate precautions may be taken:

  • Prior bad reaction to a laser treatment, IPL, chemical peel or dermabrasion
  • Past herpes simplex (cold sores)
  • Sun Allergies
  • Recent radiation treatment for cancer
  • History of keloid or hypertrophic scars (thick scars)
  • If you are now pregnant or breast feeding
  • Accutane use within the past twelve (12) months
  • Sun burn or significant sun exposure in the last two weeks
  • Surgery or cryosurgery within the last six weeks to the area that you plan to have treated

Depending on the treatment upon which you and Dr. Mehta decide, you will be given detailed preoperative instructions.

The Treatments

At Mehta Plastic Surgery, we use the state-of-the-art and versatile Cynosure Elite MPX laser . This is the very latest in laser technology, combining an Alexandrite laser (755 nm), a Nd-Yag (1064 nm) and Intense Pulsed Light, yielding maximal results while reducing the risk of side effects. The laser uses a built-in Zimmer SmartCool® device making the treatments as painless and comfortable as possible.

We are delighted to offer a wide range of laser treatments:

Laser Hair Removal The Cynosure Elite MPX laser allows us to work safely with all skin types and all areas of the body.  With topical 4% lidocaine (LMX) cream and the use of the SmartCool® chilled air device, the laser treatments can be made much more comfortable for patients.  Depending on the hair type and color as well as the skin type, a series of treatments (six or more) may be needed for achieving permanent reduction in your hair. For some patients, ongoing maintenance treatments are needed. Adherence to a scheduled regimen of treatments is very important, as it is important to treat the hair follicles at the right point in the cycle.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment, also called Photofacial treatment, is an excellent option for a number of skin conditions. These include red or brown spots (sun/age spots), sun-damaged skin, wrinkles, and scar revision. The treatments also stimulate collagen synthesis to improve the general tone of the skin. Typically a series of 3-4 treatments is offered for optimal results.

Brown Spots: The Alexandrite laser can be used to treat hyperpigmented spots on the skin, often with a single session. The treatment is quite painless with use of topical numbing cream and the built-in chiller. Depending on skin type, pretreatment with a hydroquinone product is sometimes indicated.

Leg Veins: Leg veins less than 3 mm in diameter can be treated quite effectively with 1-3 sessions of laser vein treatment. The Cynosure Elite MPX laser offers the ability to minimize or eliminate these veins instantly with a relatively painless procedure. SMall blood vessels on the nose or cheeks can also be treated.

Laser Facial: The laser facial is a superficial resurfacing treatment to brighten and tighten the skin. There is minimal downtime with the skin being slightly pink for a few hours afterward. The treatment is quite comfortable and one patient recently described it as “sitting next to a fireplace”.  A series of 2-3 treatments is often recommended.


After each of these procedures, Dr. Mehta will give you detailed post-treatment instructions and he and his staff will be available 24/7 to answer any of your questions. He will follow you closely in the following weeks and months to ensure that your results are as good as possible.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please feel free to get in touch with our office.

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