Microneedling is an innovative approach for the treatment of acne scars, pores, fine lines, and overall skin texture.  This revolutionary procedure has little down time and achieves wonderful results. It works by having an automated sterile applicator with 14 micro points create uniform micro-traumas to the skin.  When the skin heals, it becomes smoother and tighter.

Microneedling is safe on all skin types.  Our experienced Aesthetic Nurse, Shannon, will perform a comprehensive assessment of the skin, discuss your personal goals, and create the ideal treatment plan for your needs. Microneedling is an ideal complement to other skin rejuvenation procedures such as Ultherapy, Sculptra, Botox, HA fillers, and facials/peels.

In standard microneedling, we utilize high end skin care products as a lubricant for the skin. The micro injuries enable deeper penetration of product. This allows some customization of the treatment and yields more effective results.

Addition of PRP

Patients can choose to have the procedure performed using their own platelet rich plasma (PRP).  The first step to obtaining PRP is a quick blood draw in the office. The blood is then spun down in a centrifuge to isolate its most beneficial components. We like to call PRP “liquid gold” in reference to its yellowish color and nourishing properties! The use of blood is what has people calling this treatment a “vampire facial.”

PRP contains a number of proteins, immune mediators, growth factors and enzymes which produce more collagen, creating healthier appearing skin. The turnover of cells is also increased. Additionally, more blood flow and nutrients are brought to the skin because of some of these factors. We have found that the skin redness clears more quickly when PRP is included with microneedling.

What to expect: The procedure

Prior to the procedure, a numbing cream is applied to the face for several minutes, to create a comfortable treatment. After the numbing, the skin is cleansed and prepped for treatment.  The procedure itself takes approximated 20 minutes.  After treatment, additional product is applied to the skin to help calm the skin and speed recovery.

What to expect: Recovery

Patients may be pink to red for a few hours to a couple days. Some patients also experience micro-flaking of the skin which may cause it to appear dry.  Many patients get the procedure on Friday and are ready to go back to work on Monday morning. We also ask that you avoid certain products and exfoliation during the recovery period to allow the skin to heal naturally on its own.  Results can be seen once the healing has finished typically between 3 and 7 days after treatment.  Most patients benefit from a series of 3-6 microneedling treatments in total.

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